Passport Pop-Up

The information listed is from the 2020 event held this past January. Please check back in the Fall for updates.

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Apply for a Passport at The New York Times Travel Show

Passport Services will be accepting passport applications this year at The New York Times Travel Show, taking place at Jacob K. Javits Center on January 25–26, 2020.

What to Do

  1. Bring your completed application, passport photograph and supporting documents with you to the show.
  2. Purchase your travel show ticket on the upper level.
  3. Head downstairs (with your travel show ticket) to Room 1E11.
  4. You will be given a pass to come back to apply at a later specified time. (A great time to enjoy the travel show while you wait!)
  5. At the time indicated on your pass, be back downstairs (Room 1E12) to apply for your passport!

What to Bring
Not sure which form you need? Check out

If applying using Form DS-11:

  • A completed and unsigned
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship and a photocopy
    • Examples: original birth certificate, previous U.S. passport, consular report of birth, naturalization certificate, certificate of citizenship
  • Valid photo identification (I.D.) and a photocopy (front and back of I.D.)
  • Examples: driver’s license, state-issued I.D. card, student I.D.s, employment I.D.
  • Passport photo (See )
  • Passport fees (See current )
    • Personal check preferred, credit card also accepted. We will not be able to accept cash.
    • Fees vary depending on the customer’s age, the type of application form required, and the type of passport product and service requested.

Applying for your child? If you are applying for your child’s passport (age 15 and younger), both parents and child must be present. If one parent cannot be there, they will need to send a notarized (less than 90 days old) and a copy of the front and back of the I.D. used at the time of the notarial service.

If applying using Form DS-82:

  • Completed and signed DS-82: U.S. Passport Renewal Application
  • Your previous passport (valid for 10 years)
  • Passport photo (See )
  • Passport fees (Personal check preferred, credit card also accepted. We will not be able to accept cash.)
    • Fees vary depending on the type of passport product and service requested.

Please note:

  • Passports and original documents will be returned to customers in two separate packages by mail within approximately two to three weeks for expedite service and four to six weeks for routine service.
  • This is a passport acceptance event, so we will not be able to print new passports on-site. Anyone requiring emergency passport services should contact the National Passport Information Center (N.P.I.C.) by calling 1-877-487-2778.